Our Bachelor program welcomes more than 150 students each year. We were happy to receive over 100 exchange students for the Fall term and we are renewing this experience for spring 2015 by hosting 46 students from 17 different countries.

Why are all these students eager to study at INSEEC?

First of all because the Groupe INSEEC is known worldwide. Secondly for the opportunity to live the French experience in the most romantic city in the word.

Supervised by our international department, pampered by Stephen Muse, the international student advisor and assisted by the Study Abroad students, our incoming students are in good hands.

During the classes the mix of French and international students bring a new dynamic to our school. We also offer them the chance to discover French culture. Mr. MUSE often acts as a tourist guide during the week-ends as he leads his students in the discovery of lovely places full of history throughout Paris.

All these elements turn the French experience into an unique one that the students will never forget.

Many enjoy studying in Paris so much that they decide to extend their stay for at least one more term. Some of them even decide to enroll permanently in order to graduate from a French school such as Simay. He is a business student at Marmara University, in Istanbul, Turkey.Why did you chose France? Why Paris in particularly?
I’ve chosen France because I always wanted the city to be a part of my life and to get to know French culture, people better. This is not a city which you can get enough of it. I knew that It was impossible to discover Paris by just visiting there for vacation.. And I’ve been here several times with my family but for living alone and studying abroad I wouldn’t chose any other place then here.Why did you choose our school?
My friends from Marmara University did their Erasmus in here 1 year ago. They loved their teachers and kept telling me how friendly and helpful the people are. And I know that Inseec is one of the best Business school especially in France so,I decided to chose here.

What are your expectations for the 2ndsemester?
For the 2nd semester since I got used to the system,I want to be more successful and active in everything. In school events or projects or just about discovering Paris. I will be the new group’s advisor of Paris cause I have a lot to say about here!

Best thing you have done so far in Paris?
Best thing I’ve done so far… It’s really hard to give one example but probably the best thing was watching a ballet in Opera Garnier. That place is where magic actually happens. Amazing.